Reset Prestashop 1.6 admin password

To reset admin password for prestashop 1.6 or below, find value of _COOKIE_KEY from file

The line look like

Now you need to update ps_employee table using following SQL command.

Replace “YOUR_NEW_PASSOWRD_HERE” with your new password.

ps_employee maybe differnt depending on what table prefix you selected during prestashop installation.

id_employee=1, change this with id_employee of the user you need to change password. 1 is id for first user.

Once password reset, you will be able to login to admin area. Normally prestashop rename admin folder to random name, this you can find it in FTP as it is just a normal folder.

Preview Website Before Name Server Change

When migrating web site to new server, it is good to test the site from new server before you actually change the name servers. Doing this will avoid unexpected errors after you make site live from new server.

To do this, you need to edit file with name hosts on your computer. Add following content to it.


At this point, if you take command promt on you computer and type folloing command, you will see the new server IP.

Now you may need to restart the browser for browser DNS cache to clear. Now you will be able to see the site from new server.

Location of hosts file

Location of hosts file depends on Operating System you use.


You need to edit the file c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts

To open, you need Administrator privilage, so run notepad as user “Administrator”, then open above file to edit it.

Linux and Mac

The file is located in /etc/hosts, to edit use