Install LetsEncrypt SSL on Gitlab

To enable LetsEncrypt free SSL on Gitlab, edit file

Modify following configrations

external_url should start with HTTPS.

Run command

Now gitlab installation will work with HTTPS.


crontab command is used to list/editc cronjobs.

To list all cronjobs for current user, run

To edit cronjob for current user, run

To edit for a specific user, you can use

To list cronobs for a specific user, you can use

See cronjob

Test network performance with iperf

iperf can be used to test network performance between two servers. You can install iperf on Ubuntu/Debian with command

To run test, you need to run iperf in server mode in one of the server using command

On other server, run

Load Testing with Siege

siege is an open source program to load test and bechmark web site.

To install siege on Ubuntu/debian, run

To generate 250 concurrent users, run

To simiulate 100 users with 10 second delay betwen requests

To simulate real work load, you may need to send traffic to multiple URLs on your web site. You can do this by creating a file with all urls of your web site. Now run

See load

Convert Video info MP4 using ffmpeg

Convert Video For Streaming

if you want to scale the video to specific size, use -vf scale option, example

Inject metadata

See ffmpeg