Cut a Video using ffmpeg

To cut a video using ffmpeg, use

See Install ffmpeg on Ubuntu

lftp Fatal error: Host key verification failed

When i connect to a remote SFTP server using lftp, i get following error

The error is “Fatal error: Host key verification failed.”

To fix this, just SSH into this server with command

See lftp

Install gifsicle from source

gifsicle is a command line tool for editing, creating GIF images.

You can get it from

To install, run

Install optipng from source
Install jpegoptim from source

Install jpegoptim from source

jpegoptim is an open source jpeg image optizer. You can download it from

To instll it, download latest version from

For version 1.4.6, run

gem install error libxslt is missing

When installing ruby gem, i get following error


Install missing libxslt devel package.

On CentOS installed.

For error “libxml2 is missing.”, install

Convert CentOS to CloudLinux

To convert CentOS to CloudLinux, run

You can get activation key by getting 30 day trail or purchasing CloudLinux license.

If you have IP based license, run

Once install completed, reboot the server, this allow server to be booted with CloudLinux kernel.

See cloudlinux

cagefs mount points exists

On WHM > CloudLinux LVE Manager, i get following warning

Check cagefs mount points exists

There are missing mount points: [‘/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/softaculous’]

This error is due to softaculous was removed from server, but was not removed from cagefs mount points file.

To fix this error, edit file

Remove the line