How to Change User Password in CyberPanel

Login to CyberPanel at


Once logged in you will see

Click on the drop down icon. Click on “Edit Profile” Link.

Next page will have a drop down box, where you can select the user you need to change password for.

You can enter your new password on this page and click “Modify User” button to update user password.

See CyberPanel

Change Magento 1.9 admin URL

To change Magento admin URL, login to Magento Admin area.

Go to System > Configuration

On next page, from side menu, click on Admin menu.

On next page

Replace “okadmin” with whatever folder name you need for your magento admin area.

Click “Save Config”

Edit file


Replace admin with your new folder name for admin area.

Now you need to Clean magento cache. This can be done with command

Now you admin area will work on new URL.

Doing it with MySQL

Here is the changes made on database when i changed a sites admin folder path to “localsense”.

Some useful SQL

You can just set the value for “admin/url/use_custom_path” to 1 and “admin/url/custom_path” to the new admin folder name you need.

Magento 2 Enable SSL

To enabel SSL on magento 2 site using command line (SSH), first change to the folder where magento installed.

Now run

Replace “” with your Magento installation Url.

Secure Memcached on CentOS/RHEL 7

By default memcached on CentOS 7 is set to run on all IP address on the server. This allow attackers to abuse the service.

To set memcached to only listen to localhost (, edit file


Replace with

See memcached

RPM Package Manager

On RHEL, CentOS, Fedora etc use RPM for package menagement. To find the package that provides a binary file, run

See yum

PHP mails not working on Cpanel Server

On a cpanel server, PHP scripts can’t sent email. Incoming and outgoing emails for email users (mailbox) are working properly.

To debug, loggged in to SSH as one of the cpanel user.

If SSH access is not enabled, enable SSH in WHM.

Once logged in, verify sendmail works.

I get above error message. This is because permission error with /usr/sbin/sendmail.

To fix, run

If you are using CloudLinux CageFS, try disable and see if it works. If it work after you disable CafeFS, run

Nginx 413 Request Entity Too Large

On Nginx server, when uploading large file, i get error

On nginx error log

To fix, edit nginx config for the web site, under the server section of the web site, add

Restart nginx.

Plesk Install PHP

To install differnt version of PHP in plesk server, run

This will list available PHP versions to install.

To install PHP 5.3, run

To install PHP 5.6, run

See Plesk

Change PHP version for a site in Plesk Command line

To change PHP version for a site, first find available PHP handlers, this can be done with command

Plesk Change PHP version

You need to find the id for the PHP handler. For PHP 5.6 fpm, it is “plesk-php56-fpm”.

To change a sites PHP version to PHP 5.6, run


Plesk change PHP handler