Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL

To create a Google Cloud SQL database, run

INSTANCE_NAME_HERE = this can be anything, lowercase letters, 0-9, for identification purpose only.

db-n1-standard-1 => this is size of the server, you can change it as needed.

To create a Database, run

To create a User, run

To list all google cloud SQL instances, run

Google Cloud SQL

To list all databases in a Google Cloud SQL server, run

list databases in google cloud sql

To connect to Google Cloud SQL database, run

This will open firewall rule and add your IP so you can connect to Google Cloud SQL server.

Install vnstat on CentOS 7

To install vnstat on CentOS 7, run

Now create database for your network interface card

Restart vnstat deamon

See vnstat

Install RabbitMQ on Ubuntu/Debian

To install rabbitmq on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To start RabbitMQ server, run

Install ansible on Ubuntu

To install ansible on Ubuntu, run


DMARC is used to protect your email from email spoofing. DMARC use SPF and DKIM record to validate your email.

DMARC is a TXT record added in your domain DNS.

DMARC record look like


This specifies what to do with incoming email that fails DMARC.

Valid options are none, quarantine and reject.

p=none – used for monitoring. If DMARC fails, remote mail server will sent a mail to “rua” or “ruf” tags specified in DMARC record.

p=quarantine – tell recipient mail server to put message in SPAM folder if DMARC fail.

p=reject – reject mail if DMARC fail.

rf=afrf – Specify type of report you will get.

pycharm python editor

Installing PyCharm Community Edition on Ubuntu

PyCharm Community Edition is a free python editor from JetBrains. You can download it from

Download and extact the tar.gz file. Move it to a folder like

Execute sartup script

Once pycharm started, you can go to Tools menu and create a startup script.

pycharm python editor