Install x2Go Client in Ubuntu

x2go client is available in Ubuntu repoitory. To install, run

Here are some useful shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Alt + F = Switch between full screen and window mode
  • Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys = change view port.


Install Unity Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04

After installing Ubuntu 18.04, i have several small issues with new Gnome desktop, most of it i solved with plugins. But i decided to switch back to Unity desktop as for a while until i am ready to Gnome desktop.

To install Unity Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04, run

You will be asked to select display manager. Select lightdm.

To make it look like Ubuntu 16.04, i copied old wallpaper used by Ubuntu 16.04

Things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04

Today i installed Ubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu 18.04 use GNOME desktop instead of Unity Desktop. I like some of the new features, but missed some feeatured i am used to in Ubuntu 16.04. First thing i notice was i can’t easy change sound output device like in Ubuntu 16.04, i expected Ubuntu 18.04 made it easier. But after spending some time, i found out i can customize Gnome to make it work like i need.

Show date in top bar

I want to show date along with time in top bar. To enable this, you need to install gnome-tweek-tool.

Now start gnome tweak tool, this is available as Tweaks

Gnome Tweaks

Go to Tweaks > Top Bar. Under clock, set “Date” to On.

Gnome Tweaks Enable Date

Now you will see full date along with time.

Set time 12 Hour format

By default Ubuntu 18.04 show time in 24 hour format. I prefer 12 hour format with AM/PM.

Click on Power button, select Settings.

Go to Details > Date & Time

Gnome Shell Extensions

You can customise how GNOME work by installing extensions. This is just like google chrome/firefox extensions. Installing is easy.

First run

Now open your web browser, visit

This will ask you to install a browser plugin, so you can install Gnome Extensions easily from the browser itself.

For Firefox, install plugin

Create an account in, so you can manage your extensions.

Here is some of the Gnome Extensions i installed.


Unite make your Gnome Top bar like Unity. Date get moved to right side. Also application close buttons merge with top bar like in Ubunty. This save from top space. This is highly recommended if you are a Unity user switching to Gnome.

You can install it from

Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

This Gnome Extension allow you to easily switch sound devices.

You can get it from

Remove Totem

Ubuntu come with Torem video player. I perfer VLC. Remove Totem and install VLC with

Install Tor on Ubuntu

Tor is a highly anonymous proxy network. Tor is used by sites in dark web as it is almost impossible to find who owns a web site when it is hidden using tor.

To install tor on Ubuntu/Debian, run

This will start a sock5 proxy server on your PC on port 9050.

tor proxy

To check if proxy is working, run

You can also use “torify”, that work like proxychains.

You can configure your browser to use sock5 proxy server running on on port 9050.

If you are using applications that do not support proxy, then you can use torify or proxychains, for example.

CloudFlare Page Rules for WordPress

Here are CloudFlare page rules for WordPress web site.




CloudFlare Page Rules for WordPress


Backup PostgreSQL Database

To backup PostgreSQL database, run



Microsoft Acquires GitHub, Migrate to GitLab

Microsoft on 4th June 2018 announced it reached agreement to acquire GitHub, worlds largest git repository hosting site used by developers. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock.

Git is an open source version control software created by Linus Torvalds, then creator of Linux. Linux kernel developers were using a version control software called BitKeeper, a proprietary closed source version control system. BitKeeper was licensed free of charge to Linux Open source community, later this license was revoked, that made Linus Torvalds make his own version control software GIT. Now GIT is most popular version control software, BitKeeper is almost dead and the company made it open source on GitHub. Maybe a sweet revenge from Git, if BitKeeper did not revoke the license to Linux community, never would have never happened and maybe everyone will be using BitKeeper now.

Until recently Microsoft had very bad relation with Open Source community. In 2001, in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that “Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches”. Microsoft used it patents against small and large companies using Linux, force them to settlement. Small companies usually don’t have financial freedom to fight Microsoft in court always goes for settlement, purchase whatever license Microsoft ask them to purchase.

Recently Microsoft started loving Linux because they realised they can’t kill Linux. With cloud, containers, mobile devices and IoT Linux is seeing explosive growth, taking away market share from Microsoft. They see no other way other than loving Linux and making windows work like linux.

GitHub being largest software repository, its very valuable for Microsoft. Many small and medium business keep their software in private repository in GitHub. Now Microsoft have access to those software repositories. They can also use GitHub to track software trends.

Many software developers are moving to GitHub alternatives. Here are some popular alternatives.


GitLab is open source git hosting platform written in Ruby On Rails, similar to GitHub. Private repository is free with GitLab, on GitHub, you need to pay for private repository.

Many open source organisations prefer using GitLab because it is open source, allow them to modify GitLab to suit their work flow. Recently GNOME project moved to GitLab.

With GitHub, you don’t get the freedom to make custom modifications or workflows. Since GitLab is Open Source, there is no vendor lock in, you can migrate to another software with out much problem.

GitLab have hosted open like GitHub and also self hosted option, that you can run on any Linux server. You can find more at

If you want to install GitLab on VPS or Dedicated Server, email us at [email protected]


BitBucket is another GIT hosting platform. You can create private repository free in BitBucket. It is closed source.

BitBucket is ready to take GitHub users with its Home page update, welcoming GitHub users.

Install unrar on Linux

To install unrar on Ubuntu, run


To install from source, download latest version from

Extract a rar file

Extract a rar file to specific folder

Adding IP Range in CentOS 6

To add an IP range in CentOS 6 server, create file


Replace IP with your actual start and end IP.

Restart network service with