Install Gitlab on Debian/Ubuntu

Install requirements

Setup repo/dependency

Install gitlab

Install SpeedTest cli on Ubuntu is a popular web site for testing braodband speed.

To install speedtest cli on Ubuntu, run

This will be very helpful for testing speed of servers and remote systems using SSH.

To test speed, run



Install vsftpd on CentOS

To install vsftpd FTP server in CentOS, run

Enable vsftpd to start on boot

Edit configuration file

You need to update/add following configuration options

Restart vsftpd

See vsftpd

Windows 2016 IIS not listen on external IP

On a Windows 2016 server, IIS web site is set to bind on all IP address on the server.

But site is only available on (localhost). To check if this is due to firewall, i disabled firewall, the problem still exists after disabling firewall.

To fix the problem, run following commands as user “Administrator”

Now restart IIS

Set Permanant hostname on AWS EC2 CentOS 7 server

On AWS EC2 when you boot, hostname set something like

To chaneg this, run


To disable change of hostname, run

Now reboot your server with

Test network performance with iperf

iperf can be used to test network performance between two servers. You can install iperf on Ubuntu/Debian with command

To run test, you need to run iperf in server mode in one of the server using command

On other server, run

Load Testing with Siege

siege is an open source program to load test and bechmark web site.

To install siege on Ubuntu/debian, run

To generate 250 concurrent users, run

To simiulate 100 users with 10 second delay betwen requests

To simulate real work load, you may need to send traffic to multiple URLs on your web site. You can do this by creating a file with all urls of your web site. Now run

See load