pycharm python editor

Installing PyCharm Community Edition on Ubuntu

PyCharm Community Edition is a free python editor from JetBrains. You can download it from

Download and extact the tar.gz file. Move it to a folder like

Execute sartup script

Once pycharm started, you can go to Tools menu and create a startup script.

pycharm python editor


Running Web Server with python SimpleHTTPServer

SimpleHTTPServer is a python module that allow you to run web server for static files.

To start web server, run

This will start a web server on port 8000.

You will be able to access server in URL

To stop server, press CTRL + C

To get SimpleHTTPServer run on differnt port, run

This will run SimpleHTTPServer on port 80.

Python 3

Python 3 comes with bult in module http.server, to use it, run

If you want to run on differnt port, specify port number


Create Python Flask Docker Container

Create a folder and change to the folder

Create file

Add following content

Create file requirements.txt, add “Flask” to it.

Now lets create our Python Flask Application

Add following content

To test Flask application locally, install Flask using pip

Now run the application using

Now you will be able to see web application at

Press CTRL+C to stop the application.

To build Docker image, run

-t specify tag.

If all worked properly, you will see

You can see the container image listed

Now your docker image is ready. To build a container using this image, run

You can access your python application running inside docker container on URL

To stop the application, run

To start it, run