vShare Youtube Clone Script

vShare Youtube Clone Script allow you to run your own video sharing web site like youtube.

You can get this script from


This script use ffmpeg to convert video into MP4 format, that cna be played using HTML5 or Flash player on browsers and mobile.

Here are some of the video sites using vshare


Nginx Configuration for Video Streaming With Secure Link
vShare Nginx Config
Disable Signup Notification in vShare Youtube Clone

PHP Script to pull changes from GIT Repository

Here is a PHP script, that pull latest code from Git Repository to your web site.

Check for Symlink Attack on Cpanel Server

Symlink Attack allow a hacker to hack one web site and gain access to another Apache Virtual Hosts in a cpanel server. Hacker will be able to get read access to files on other hosting accounts, with that, they can read web site config files, giving them MySQL or other login info stored in configuration files.

To check if your server have infected with symlink attack, run

Check the content of the file “/root/smylinks.txt”. if you see any site having too many symlinks to other sites, your server is infected with symlink attack.

To prevent this, you can install CloudLinux CageFS.

Install SSL Certificate in Virtualmin

To install SSL certificate in Virtualmin, select the domain from drop down list of Virtualmin.

On left Menu, go to Server Configuration > SSL Certificate

Virtualmin SSL Install

If you want to install Free LetsEncypt SSL, click on “Let’s Encrypt” link on top. On next page

Virtalmin Letsencrypt

Click on “Request Certificate”.

Install Redis on Plesk Debian Server

To install Redis on Plesk Debian/Ubuntu server, run

Now install PHP Modules

After installing, you will see redis listed in phpinfo() page.

Redis PHP Debian

Install PowerShell in Debian 9

To install Microsoft PowerShell in Debian 9, run

Install GPG keys

Add repository

Install powershell

To start powershell, run

Install CentOS Web Panel (CWP)

CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a free hosting control panel for CentOS servers.

CentOS Web Panel

To install CentOS Web Panel, run

CWP use same Ports as popular Cpanel control panel.

Admin Panel

CWP Admin Panel available on following URL.

You can login with system user “root” and its password.

User Panel


On CWP server, you can find MySQL login details in following config files.

Document Root

Web site files are stored in folder /home/USER/public_html

Stop/Start Services

Service files are stored in /usr/lib/systemd/system/

Web Server

CWP support multiple web servers. For Apache, it is installed in folder

Apache config file is /usr/local/apache/conf.d/vhosts.conf

CPW have its own apache package with name “cwp-httpd”, don’t use default httpd package provided by CentOS.

See Hosting Control Panel