zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

zmcontrol is CLI tool for managing Zimbra Mail Server.

To use, zmcontrol, you need to become user zimbra.

To stop zimbraAdmin, run




mosquitto is an Open Source MQTT server. MQTT is a machine to machine or IOT (Internet of Things) protocol.

To install run

To test, run

To create a user, run

Config file available at

To restart, use

To connect with user and password, use


Reset Zimbra Administrator Password
zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

Login to Zimbra Admin at


Login to webmail at


Installation Tips

1) Make sure no postfix pre installed.

2) Set SELinux off

3) Make sure you can ping to hostname, also MX record set for hostname

4) Turn firewall off during installation or open required ports.


Node.js applications when you run with nodejs command, you need to restart when a change is made to source code of the application.

nodemon will watch your application source code for changes, restart if a change is detected.

To install nodemon, run



Installing nvm (Node.js Version Manager)

nvm is node version manager, allows you to run multiple version of node.js

To install nvm, run

To list all available node version, run

To install a particular node.js version, run

To activate/select a node.js version, use


pm2 process manager for node.js

pm2 is a process manager for node.js applications. It is similar to forever.

To install pm2, run

Start an Application

List running applications

Controlling running application

Restart all running applications


Cronjob for Magento 1.9

To set cronjob for Magento 1.9, add



After moving CakePHP application from one server to another with different DocumentRoot, site still try to load file from OLD directory. To fix this, delete the file

Once deleted, this file get auto created with new paths.