video sharing script

youtube clone script

Youtube clone script allow you to start your own video sharing web site like youtube. vShare youtube clone script is is created using PHP and MySQL run on cpanel servers. This script use ffmpeg to convert video into MP4. You can add multiple media servers to serve videos. This allow your site to gow bigger.

video sharing script

Here are some sites using vShare youtube clone script

Debian 10

How to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10

To upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10, first make sure your system is uptodate.

Edit file /etc/apt/sources.list. Find all occurance of “stretch” and replace it with “buster”.

Or use following

Now update the system

run dist-upgrade

During the upgrade, you will be asked to replace some of the configuration files. If this is a fresh server, you can always replace these files with newer version. If your server have these files modified, you should be careful as replacing these files will lose the changes you made.

Debian 10 upgrade

Reboot the server.

After reboot, you can verify server is running Debian 10 with commands

Debian 10


To install zip on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To unzip a file, run

To unzip to specific directory, run


Install zsh in Debian/Ubuntu

Install OhMyZsh

See shell


Configure Server Backup in R1Soft Backup Manager

After adding Server to R1Soft Server Backup Manager, you need to configure it.

Test Connection

Verify backup manager can connect to protected machine. If you can’t connect, you need to open TCP port 1167 on firewall.

Click on Wheel icon > Test Agent Connection.

If backup manager cna connect to server, you will see

Running First Backup

You can click

Configure MySQL backup

Go to

You will be asked to enter MySQL server login details. I created a user with remote access permission with following command.

You may need to edit MySQL configuration and make it listen to public IP to allow R1Soft backup manager can connect to your MySQL server.

Back to r1soft

Installing r1soft server backup agent on Debian/Ubuntu

To install r1soft server backup agent on Ubuntu/Debian, add repository

Install agent

Install kernal headers

Install kernal modules

Verify backup agent works with

Start backup agent

Now you can add the server to R1Soft Backup Manager.