Install MagicSpam on Plesk

MagicSpam is an anti spam filter for Plesk and DirectAdmin servers. You can purchase MagicSpam from

To install MagicSpam, upload the zip file you get to /root/ folder of your server and run


Plesk MagicSpam


Virtualizor is a VPS management control panel.


To install Virtualizor with KVM Virtualization, run

Virtualizor also support other vitualization technologies like Xen, OpenVZ and LXC.

Once installed, you will be able to login at

Yum disable a repository

To disable a repository, run

To list all enabled repository, run

MySQL Got error 24 Too many open files

On taking MySQL backup with mysqldump, i get following error

This is because open_files_limit limit in MySQL. To verify login to MySQL server and run

This will give you current value of open_files_limit.

To increase, edit /etc/my.cnf file, add

Add under [mysqld] section

Now restart MySQL server

Apache Benchmark

To benchmark a web site, use ab command provided by Apache.

This will start 15000 requests to the server specifified. 200 requests at a time.

GoLang Hello World

Create a file 1.go with following content

To run the program, use command

Large file upload in PHP

To allow large file upload in PHP, you need to edit php.ini file and change fllowing settings

If you have Dedicated or VPS, you can edit php.ini file using ssh. To find location of this file, upload a phpinfo page to your server, that will display location of php.ini used by your web site.

Some control panel like CPanel have option to edit php.ini settings.