ISPConfig 3 configuration files

ISPConfig 3 configuration files are are located in folder

PostgreSQL Delete a Database

To delete a PostgreSQL database, run


PostgreSQL drop database

Odoo apt signatures couldn’t be verified

When updating apt on Ubuntu server, i get following error

To fix, run

Enable Slow Query Log in MySQL

To enable MySQL slow query login, edit my.cnf file


Restart MySQL

On CentOS, the command is “systemctl retstart mysqld”. If you are using MariaDB, use “systemctl restart mariadb”.

You can use mysqldumpslow command to view slow queries.

Nginx Configuration for Video Streaming With Secure Link

here is nginx configuration i used for a video site that have secure link.

This video server is a storage server in vShare Youtube Clone script.

Installing tomcat on Ubuntu

To install tomcat on Ubuntu 18.04, run

Start tomcat with

Once tomcat started, you will be able to see it at


You can verify tomcat running with netstat

Tomcat default home page is

Some other folders

Domain Resolver

On Linux, Domain resolver configuration is stored in

On Ubuntu, it is a symlink.

You can remove the symlink and create your own file if you don’t want it managed by systemctl. You can see systemctl dns resolver deails with command

typo3 CMS Installation

Display Errors in Typo3

Install typo3