Start meguca on boot

Meguca is an open source annonymouse imageboard written in Go Lang and Node.js

To start Meguca on boot, you can use monit

Create a monitoring script with

/meduca is where Meguca is installed.


Verify if a name server is registered with


To find IP of a domain, use

To find MX record for a domain, use

To see TXT records, run

Start a program after reboot using cronjob

To start a program using cronjob, create a cronjob like

On system boot, the command “/root/” will be executed.

Disable Access to a folder in Nginx

To disable access to folder /admin in Nginx, add following to server block of your web site.

To disable access to some common virtual control software, use

How to Clear Cache in PrestaShop

To clear cache in PrestaShop, login to admin area at

Once logged in, go to

Configure > Advanced Parameters > Performance

PrestaShop cache

On next page, click on “Cache clear” button to clear cache.

PrestaShop cache clear

See PrestaShop

PrestaShop Change Database Name

To change database name, user name and password on PrestaShop 1.7 or later, edit file

Once this is done, you need to login to PrestaShop backend and clear cache.

How to Clear Cache in PrestaShop

For older versions, edit

See PrestaShop

Install memcached on CentOS 7

To install memcached on CentOS 7, run

Set memcached to start on boot

Start memcached with

Installing PHP Module

You need remi repository installed, that provide memcached module for all versions of php they support.

For PHP 5.6, run

Now phpinfo() will show

centos 7 php memcache

See memcached

Prestashop Change URL

To change domain name of a Prestashop site, you need to edit MYSQL database.

Table ps_configuration

Value for following should be changed to new domain.


Table ps_shop_url

Change “domain” and “domain_ssl” value.

Changing Installation Folder

If you changing Prestashop installation folder, then you need to change “physical_uri” to new path. If it is on root directory, use /