Install rclone on CentOS 6.10

To install rclone on CentOS 6.x, go to

Download latest version of rpm file.

Django running developement server on all IP

Django framework run server command start development web server on port 8000

To run server on port 80, use

if you are running as non root user, you won’t be able to use port 80. The solution is to run as user root or install a reverse proxy like Nginx.


EasyEngine is a command line tool to manage/configure Nginx web server.

To install EasyEngine, run

To install a web site, run

Web site document root is

MySQL 8 apt Error The following signatures were invalid

When trying to install MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 18.04, i get following error

To fix this error, run

Now apt update will work.

To list keys, run

Google Cloud open a port in firewall

To open port 80 globally for all VMs on google cloud project, run