Enable UI in CSF Firewall on CentOS

CSF Firewall UI

CSF Firewall come with standalone UI. This is disabled by default. On CentOS, install following requirments

Edit CSF configuration file


Replace with

Change following settins as needed.

By Default, only whitelisted IP can access the UI, to white list your IP, run

If you want to allow CSF UI from all IP address, then set UI_ALLOW to 0 in csf.conf

CSF use a self signed SSL, if you have an SSL cert, you can use it. SSL certificate is avaiable in folder

To use LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate for CSF UI, i set symlink to ssl cert.

Now restart CSF and LDF

You will see CSF UI running on port 6666.

LetsEncrypt SSL for webmin server

Webmin run on port 10000 over HTTPS. By default webmin use self signed SSL certificate. To use SSL for webmin, you need to first get SSL cerificate for the domain you need to use. Refer https://www.serverok.in/letsencrypt for getting SSL certificate.

Once you have SSL certficate, do following.

Now restart webmin

Now you will be able to access webmin using this SSL cert at

To auto renew SSL, add following entry to cronjob that renew your LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.

Install ionCube on Ubuntu 18.04

Download ioncube loader

Find extension diretcory and copy .so file to php extension diretcory. To find php extension directory run

For PHP 7.2, run

Enable ioncube

for Apache, run

for php-fpm, run

Install ioncube on CentOS Plesk Server

To install ioncube on Plesk server, run

To verify ioncube installed, create a PHP file with following content

Upload it to server and access the file via web browser. You will see phpinfo. This will show ioncube if installed properly.

Install OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu/Debian

OpenLiteSpeed ia an Open Source version of LiteSpeed Web Server.

To install OpenLiteSpeed, add repository by running

Now you have openlitespeed packages available on your server. Here is packages available on a Debian 9 server.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

To install OpenLiteSpeed, run

OpenLiteSpeed will be installed in folder

You can start/stop OpenLiteSpeed using command

Once installed, you will be able to login to WebAdmin at

You can change default admin passord by going to

Admin > WebAdmin Settings > General > Users

Click on edit icon right side of user “admin”.

OpenLiteSpeed Change Admin Password

You can also change OpenLiteSpeed Admin password by running following command as user root

Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7

CyberPanel is a hosting control panel created by LitesSeedTech. CyberPanel use OpenLiteSpeed, an open source version of LiteSpeed Web server.

CyberPanel is Free to use for 1 domain, unlimited sub domain.


To install CyberPanel, run

It ask you number of MySQL instance. I selected option 1

LiteSpeed CyberPanel install

On next screen, it ask you to select MariaDB version. MariaDB is a MySQL drop in replacement, it work exactly like MySQL. Once install completed, installer displays login user name and password.

You wil be able to login to CyberPanel at

See LiteSpeed

How to Change User Password in CyberPanel

Login to CyberPanel at


Once logged in you will see

Click on the drop down icon. Click on “Edit Profile” Link.

Next page will have a drop down box, where you can select the user you need to change password for.

You can enter your new password on this page and click “Modify User” button to update user password.

See CyberPanel